Types of Lottery

When talked about lottery and its types, there are various types of on demand lotteries played in all over the world. Different types of lotteries have almost same play rules and structure. They just differ by names or else they are same from one state to another.

Power Ball and Mega Millions
Power Ball or Mega Millions is known to be one of the most popular lottery game types. A Power Ball or Mega Millions type of lottery includes an option to choose an extra numberso that the person playing the game wins with a prize or with extra cash. In this lottery a player is asked to choose a number anywhere from 5 to 7 along with one extra number. Choosing one extra number is termed as a Bonus number or a Power number. Another type of lottery includes Super Lotto Plus. This type of lottery allows a person to select one extra number to become a winner. These types of lotteries dole out huge amount of prize money and are held once or thrice a week.

Pick Three
Pick three is another type of lottery. Pick 3 is widely spread in various parts of the world and it feature in picking of 3 numbers. As the name suggests Pick 3, the game goes well implied by its name. In Pick 3 lottery, a person is allowed to choose 3 numbers from 0 to 9 for $1. The game charges an extra fee of around 50 cents to $1 to manipulate the lottery with straight boxed play or boxed play. The end result of Pick 3 lottery is daily televised. In various countries, the winning numbers are recorded on vendor’s counters. Some places have come up with a Pick 4 daily lottery as well. The playing pattern of the game remains same as that of Pick 3 except a person has to choose 4 numbers instead of 3 numbers to win.

Keno is yet another type of lottery game. In this game the player is offered with a ticket containing 1 to 80 numbers. Then the player is allowed to predict one of the numbers that will come during a draw. The numbers are usually announced on radio or on television at the late night. Keno results are displayed in the evening or morning newspaper. Some states offer Keno is a latest version of lottery style. Take the example of derby lottery, the player is askedto choose 3 winning horses from a fictional horse race. The daily derby results are mentioned in the newspaper or on television by the end of the day.

Scratch and Win Games
Scratch and Win ticket is one of the most common lottery game. This game offers quick gratification as you can find out whether you won a big prize or not right on the spot! Technically they do not come under real lotto tickets but still they are referred as Lotto tickets. Scratch and win tickets are based on games such as Poker or Bingo.

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