Casino Mobile Wins Award

The online gambling group Casino Tropez Mobile was very proud to announce that they had been awarded the Top Mobile Gaming Platform Award from The Gambling Online Magazine Awards. The award is quite the prestigious award, and many companies vie for it. It not only validates them as a mobile casino, but puts the confidence in the award system behind them.

A recent addition to the mobile online gambling world, the Casinoslots Malaysia company has only been around since last year. There are other older companies, but none as so obviously qualified as they are. They use mobile phones and handheld devices to allow their clients to play their favorite online casino games any where, at any time.

They are constantly striving to offer their clients new options in mobile gaming technologies and they say that they know that the market is just going to explode over the next couple of years. They think that if given the chance, in just a few years mobile customers will be able to have access to all kinds of sites and games simply by the click of a button on their device.

They use the Playtech software for their games, which is quite a coo in itself. The online gambling software company is known for its state of the art games and their graphics and is always a crowd pleaser. They have a terrific reputation as a software provider and customers genuinely flock to their offerings.

Their software is also compatible with more devices than many other companies. They utilize Nokia, Samsung and Motorola, and clients that already have an online gambling account with the casino can simply log on using that same account.

Online gambling brings strange bedfellows together. Take for instance Governor Deval Patrick over there in Massachusetts trying to gain support for his gambling proposal. He is determined that he is going to bring three casinos into the state, as this is going to help with the state’s budget. However, if only life were that simple.

He has had to battle his opponents who say that the amounts that he says are going to come from these casinos are false; that an anti-casino pressure group has brought in a big player to combat his proposal; and an Indian Tribe trying to bring in their own casino. It changes on a week by week basis as to whether or not there are more people in support of the casinos than against.

However, he would have more people on his side if he simply allowed online gambling in the bill. In fact, he doesn’t even have to mention online gambling, but the fact that he has makes it difficult for even those who support him to support him.

The proposal excludes online gambling and Indian land casinos from the state, which he just can’t do. If he starts bringing in casinos and slots, he has to allow the tribes to do the same thing per federal law. And what if the online gambling ban is reversed? Is he going to patrol the airwaves to see if people are participating?

However, one group he does have on his side is the labor unions. He tells them that the building of the casino will bring in thousands of jobs, and so the labor unions support the plan as they want those jobs for their members. The 400,000 member Massachusetts AFL-CIO has announced that they are throwing their support behind Patrick and his bill. Not bad for a day’s work.

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