Card Gambling

Ever wanted to quit the gray flannels of the daily office routine and dive into an adventure? You may be too afraid to change the whole course of your life just overnight, but a vacation seems to be a perfect opportunity to live a life of the “Casino Royale” James Bond chic and allow yourself a bit of legal danger represented by gambling.

The world of gambling is colorful and exciting. There is a great variety of available games ranging from the sport bets, card games, roulette, dice, gambling machines and full-blown casinos offering you vast possibilities of literally winning some and losing some. The intoxicating beauty of gambling attracts lots of people in its nets and the successful players always return for some more.

There had been gambling in its various forms long before there had even been cards. The dice had been the main gambling device of the ancient times. There is also a curious theory about the role of dice in the history of the playing cards. As it is widely known – our regular playing deck is the direct descendant of the tarot cards and those at the earliest stages of their existence had been tied directly to the dice – in those early double games a full deck of tarot and the three dice pieces had been use to for the winning combinations – a toss of dice and a draw of cards defined the winner. This is also employed today in some more exotic card games incorporating dice and roulette.

In those pre-card times of dice gambling the luckiest players had been thought of as of wizards or even warlocks so being an overly lucky gambler could bring more trouble than gain. To keep the balance sacrifices had been given to the gods and goddesses of good luck – for example to Fortuna of the Greek mythology. This combined with the centuries-long practiced superstitions resulted in the colorful casino and gambling house traditions that we have now – when you blow on the dice before throwing, or when a gentleman playing poker or high-stake roulette should be necessarily accompanied by a young girl wearing a dress.

Playing cards is the most popular and wide-spread type of gambling all over the world. Poker with its numerous varieties, Baccarat, whist and simpler card games are played in every city in the world. Even in those places where playing cards is against the law the cards are still employed for the innocent solitary games  or the “patience” games where once has to build a special combination out of a randomly dealt cards placed into another starting combination. The most famous example of such card game if the solitaire game that came by default with the earliest Microsoft Windows OS incarnations. So even if you don’t have anyone to gamble with you can still take a deck of cards – the real ones or their digital copy and entertain yourself.

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